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Dreaming In Yello

Postby Qubism » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:03 am

Having listened to Avant Garden Vol 4 I remembered something from a while ago.

I once made a compilation of all of Yello's most ambient tracks (so far at the time, a few years back) and called it Dreaming in Yello. As a big ambient head, I wondered if Boris and Dieter had ever listened to these tracks all together so I sent it in to Yello office!
They wrote me a thank you and said they had been thinking about an ambient compilation. Since Progress and Perfection there have been quite a few more ambient tracks so now I have a nice 2 volume Dreaming in Yello.
If like me you have almost everything Yello has ever made (or even just all the albums) you might want to make your own compilation or playlist so here is Qubism's Dreaming In Yello:

Vol 1:

1. Tool In Rose
2. L’hôtel
3. Lost Again (Moby’s Hands On Yello)
4. To The Sea (TSWL mix)
5. Ciel Ouvert
6. Sweet Thunder
7. Homer Hossa
8. Poom Shanka
9. Alhambra
10. Magneto
11. Massage
12. Liquid Mountain
13. Cyclops
14. Monolith
15. Excess (The Orb’s Hands On Yello)

Vol 2

01 Indigo Bay(The Eye)
02 Bougainville(The Eye)
03 Star Breath(2010 Anthology Remaster)
04 Lightosphere(Construction Sonor)
05 Umbria(Touch Yello Deluxe)
06 Kite Vision(Progress And Perfection)
07 Chasing The Horizon(Progress And Perfection)
08 Pacific Rim(Progress And Perfection)
09 Kite One(Progress And Perfection)
10 Vertical Vision Feat. Till Broenner(Touch Yello Deluxe)
11 Takla Makan Feat. Dorothee Oberlinger(Touch Yello Deluxe)
12 X-Race(Touch Yello Deluxe)
13 Petro Oleum(Touch Yello Deluxe)
14 Scorpio Rising(Touch Yello Deluxe)
15 Takla Makan (Martin Roth Remix)
16 Divine(More-Booka Shade)

It gets a bit more upbeat with the last 2 tracks :lol:

So what do we think? Anyone like this compilation? I think we should start a campaign for a full release but maybe with some new Boris ambience included!


Richard Qubism Shepherd

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