The key to perfection on ebay. And other stuff.

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The key to perfection on ebay. And other stuff.

Postby Perthguy » Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:16 am

I was going to get key to perfection on ebay (it's been on twice in the last two weeks) but it got way to expensive for just 7 songs. It ended up as $202 on the first auction, and a massive $316 on the second. I didn't know it was such a collectors item, gosh.
There wasn't much talk on here about yellofier (there was lots on the Internet, but not on a yello forum :? ) it went really good on the ipad charts, but a little less on the iPhone charts around the world. I go to a site called distimo which has charts of apps for all platforms from all over the world, and in April I went there a lot ( pretty sad, I know) and yellofier went good all over the world. In Australia it got to number 4 on ipad music charts, America it got to 8 ( I think) England it got in top ten, in Switzerland it got to number 1 (of course)and even Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates it was in top 20.
Is avante garden the new yello album been talked about or is it something different?
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Re: The key to perfection on ebay. And other stuff.

Postby julz » Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:23 pm

Hey Perthguy

Yeah that CD was quite expensive and yes it is quite rare. Although this version is a bit different from the original which came in custom packaging. I’m not sure about the validity of this jewel case version.

Besides the Avant Garden there is a new Malia & Boris Blank CD coming out in September. ... oris-blank

I would keep your eye out on the Yello Facebook Page. That’s where you will see the very latest official news.
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Re: The key to perfection on ebay. And other stuff.

Postby Perthguy » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:01 am

So, you reckon those key of perfection was fake? What about the yello album another post was talking about. Here's the translation I got from bing translator of the web page he put a link to:
He is the musical brain behind the music pioneers of Yello, has sold more than twelve million copies together with Dieter Meier (67). «Our sound in these rooms is created for thirty years», says Boris blank (61) during the visit to look at his studio in Zurich. High above the town, a few meters below the luxury hotel, the Zurich workers son resides Dolder Grand, since the early 1980s. At the stately home of Dieter Meier's family lives in the garden floor with his synthesizers. "Here I am me up to nine hours a day, I'm like a factory worker", says Boris blank and pulls out his iPad. Sure, the man who can read any notes, always at hand has its newest factory «Yellofier». With the «toys for three to 99-Jährige», you can compose Club-friendly music of everyday noises. Happy blank clap your hands, ploppt his finger - after two, three times, a beat can be heard tapping on the app. «It is awesome. Thus I have met really a childhood dream me.» It feels just like a little boy!
Pension is no doubt
The master of electronic music in the composition of the new Yello album feel young or even ageless. «I have in store over 50 songs for Dieter» the father reveals a 15 year old daughter. «And Dieter sang even a few of them.» The 15 Yello work to come in autumn, at the latest winter on the market.
Boris blank turns on his back-friendly office chair, leaning over his keyboard and unscrew the knobs before him. «Listen to yourself right there!
A dull bass sounds, the typical Yello sounds fill the room and then breathes in his ever-deepening voice Dieter Meier: "time after time I'm losing my mind.» «Yello is again faster after the last rather melancholic plate», says blank, "and very sexy!
Shouldn't think Boris blank after more than 30 years of retirement? He strokes his trademark, the moustache: «never I could retire. Dieter says that I'll create a Yello song with the sound of a hammered nails in the coffin. As my old friend has probably right. 8)

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