Yello Eras and Themes - Please Respond!!!

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Yello Eras and Themes - Please Respond!!!

Postby BabyZebra88 » Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:35 am

Just wondered whether people had any thoughts on what periods Yello have been through and which was their best?

I have narrowed it down as follows, but you may wish to add your own or argue these:

Solid Pleasure, Claro Que Si, You Gotta Say Yes - The Carlos Peron and experimental period/era 1

Stella, One Second - The beginning of the collaboration era (Rush Winters, Billy Mckenzie, Shirley Bassey) also the breakthrough and movie era which could continue into Flag as the race was used in many movies since e.g. Nuns On the Run

Flag, Baby, Zebra - For me the Golden Era (as I think these are my fave 3 albums apart from Touch Yello), but also the Brass Era as this was where Boris got big with his Trumpets, Saxes and Trombones!

Motion Picture, Pocket Universe, The Eye - Back to experimentation and Collaboration era 2. I feel they needed to do Motion Picture and The Eye in order to achieve Touch Yello in terms of sound and flow. It's funny that a leaflet that came with my Touch Yello (basic addition) that shows their previous work doesn't show Motion Picture and how it's not a fan fave on this form either! Boris was experimenting with other vocalists beyond Dieter on The Eye too, a thing he of course continued with Heidi and himself on Touch Yello.

Touch Yello - To the Future through the Past! - The next era. A new more defined Yello sound and audio-visual.

What are people's thoughts? - Would you move any of these albums into other lists/eras? :? :D
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Re: Yello Eras and Themes - Please Respond!!!

Postby julz » Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:25 am

I’m with you on these eras. I feel the Stella-Baby are golden but I love the later ones also. But those seem the most original to me. Although I like the early stuff it’s more on the experimental side for me.
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Re: Yello Eras and Themes - Please Respond!!!

Postby BabyZebra88 » Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:22 am

Have you noticed that the beggining of Bostich Reflected is the same chords/intro to Blender?

You can actualy do the speech over it "My ladies, please come closer, my name is Random Tox......"

Not exactly the same, but the chords are identical. Definitely Boris's starting point!

They've got more chillout I think.
When I met Dieter, just before The Eye was released he said that the music for The Eye wasn't all in his range hence getting Jade to sing it and they're mellowed with age as they usually have a heavy metal piece, moody peice and crazy piece.
The heavy metal piece I think is now more 'guitar' than heavy guitar. i.e. on One Second it would be Si Senor the Hairy Grill, whereas on Baby it would be Blender with Marco's excellent guitar (I love this track as much as when I first heard it!) and on Touch it would probably be The Expert with the looped guitar riff.

Will the next Yello album all blend together like Solid Pleasure and Pocket Universe did? - Time will tell!

And come on Yello office, get Jonas's book released please!

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