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Yello in charts

Postby Perthguy » Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:24 am

This is something I found. I didn't know Yello had so many songs and albumsLost Again 25.12.1983 10 12
Vicious Games 24.03.1985 5 10
Desire 14.07.1985 19 5
Goldrush 03.08.1986 9 8
Call It Love 05.04.1987 6 11
The Rhythm Divine (Yello & Shirley Bassey) 02.08.1987 21 5
The Race 29.05.1988 8 15
Of Course I'm Lying 28.05.1989 30 1
Rubberbandman 16.06.1991 9 11
Jungle Bill 13.09.1992 15 10
Do It 22.05.1994 32 5
How How 23.10.1994 29 7
Bostich (WestBam's Hands On Yello) 12.02.1995 27 7
Jingle Bells 03.12.1995 34 5
To The Sea (Yello feat. Stina Nordenstam) 16.02.1997 23 9
Planet Dada / The Race 2003 09.11.2003 75 2
Part Love (Yello feat. Heidi Happy) 18.10.2009 15 5

Albums - Schweizer Hitparade

Title Entry Peak weeks
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess 29.01.1984 13 10
Stella 10.02.1985 1 18
1980 - 1985; The New Mix In One Go 13.04.1986 18 4
One Second 10.05.1987 4 18
Flag 13.11.1988 3 14
Baby 30.06.1991 5 14
Essential 18.10.1992 14 5
Zebra 30.10.1994 4 14
Pocket Universe 09.03.1997 7 12
Eccentrix Remixes 07.02.1999 30 6
Motion Picture 07.11.1999 13 6
The Eye 16.11.2003 22 4
Touch Yello 18.10.2009 1 24
Yello By Yello - The Singles Collection 1980-2010 21.11.2010 14 10
3rd Of June
Angel No
Another Race
Assistant's Cry
Ballet meacanique
Bananas To The Beat
Base For Alec
Beyond Mirrors
Blazing Saddles
Blue Green
Blue Nabou
Bostich (WestBam's Hands On Yello)
Bubbling Under
Call It Love
Capri Calling
Ciel ouvert (Jens's Hands On Yello)
Ciel ouvert
Coast To Polka
Crash Dance (Oliver Lieb's Hands On Yello)
Crash Dance
Croissant bleu
Cuad el habit
Daily Disco
Desert Inn
Dialectical Kid
Distand Mirror
Distant Solution
Divine (Booka Shade with Yello)
Do It
Don Turbulento
Downtown Samba
Dr. Van Steiner (Cosmic Baby's Hands On Yello)
Dr. Van Steiner
Dub & Run
Electric Frame (Yello feat. Till Brönner)
Eternal Legs
Excess (The Orb's Hands On Yello)
Fat Cry
Friday Smile
Get On
Great Mission
Haunted House
Hawaiian Chance
Heavy Whispers
Hipster's Delay
Homage To The Mountain
Homer hossa
How How
I Love You
I Love You (Hardsequencer's Hands On Yello)
I... I'm In Love
I.T. Splash
Indigo Bay
Jingle Bells
Jungle Bill
Junior B
Kiss In Blue
Kiss In Blue (Yello feat. Heidi Happy)
La habanera (Carl Craig's Hands On Yello)
La Habanera
Le Secret Farida
Let Me Cry
L'hôtel (Carl Cox's Hands On Yello)
Liquid Lies
Liquid Mountain
Live At The Roxy (Ilsa Gold's Hands On Yello)
Live At The Roxy N.Y. Dec 83
Lost Again (Moby's Hands On Yello)
Lost Again
Moon On Ice
Move Dance Be Born
Night Flanger
Night Train
No More Roger
No More Words
Ocean Club
Of Course I'm Lying
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah (Plutone's Hands On Yello)
On The Run
On Track
Otto Di Catania
Out Of Dawn
Pan Blue
Part Love (Yello feat. Heidi Happy)
Petro Oleum
Pinball Cha Cha
Planet Dada
Point Blank
Poom Shanka
Prisoner Of His Mind
Pumping Velvet
Reverse Lion
Rock Stop
Rubber West
Salut Mayoumba
Scorpio Rising
Shake And Shiver
She's Got A Gun
Si Señor The Hairy Grill
Smile On You
Solar Driftwood
Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)
Soul On Ice
Squeeze Please
Star Breath
Stay (Yello feat. Heidi Happy)
Suite 909
Sweet Thunder
Take It All
Takla makan (Yello feat. Dorothee Oberlinger)
Tangier Blue
The Evening's Young
The Expert
The Lorry
The Premix (How How)
The Race
The Race (Flim-Flam Remix)
The Race 2003
The Rhythm Divine (Yello & Shirley Bassey)
There Is No Reason
Tied Up
Tiger Dust
Till Tomorrow (Yello feat. Till Brönner)
Time Freeze
Time Palace
To The Sea (Yello feat. Stina Nordenstam)
Trackless Deep
Tremendous Pain
Tub Dub
Two Worlds
Vertical Vision (Yello feat. Till Brönner)
Vicious Games
Vicious Games (Yello vs. Hardfloor)
Vicious Games (The Grid's Hands On Yello)
Vicious Games 2010 (Yello vs. Hardfloor)
Vicious Games 2010 (Yello feat. Heidi Happy)
Wall Street Bongo
Who's Gone
You Better Hide (Yello feat. Heidi Happy)
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (Jam & Spoon's Hands On Yello)
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess

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1980 - 1985; The New Mix In One Go
Claro que si
Eccentrix Remixes
Motion Picture
One Second
Pocket Universe
Solid Pleasure
The Eye
Touch Yello
Yello By Yello - The Anthology
Yello By Yello - The Singles Collection 1980-2010
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess
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