I Like 1981 speaks about Yello.

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I Like 1981 speaks about Yello.

Postby i_like_1981 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:28 pm

Hi there all.

To me Yello are one of those bands that just don't seem to get enough attention. They are innovative, yes - I saw the music video for Bostich (which came out about four years after the original song came out in 1980) and it is well ahead of its time. Their music sounds like stuff we'd get today - Bostich is another one of those songs. I have the original version on my MP3 player and let me tell you, a normal passer-by would not believe it was 30 years old if they were to hear it.

Yello have imagination. But these days imagination is not enough to guarantee success. All people want these days is the same-old trash from talentless hacks like Avril Lavigne who have thousands of brain dead fans and why? Because the youth of today don't care about the quality of music. They just want stuff that sounds cool, trendy or bad-ass, nothing that could make them look "square" or weird. As a result, great bands like Yello are pushed well onto the sidelines with this forum hardly getting any posts whereas some of the shittiest, most unoriginal singers get millions of posts made on their forums just because they have managed to attract the most attention from morons.

Let me tell you this - I certainly don't go by what is popular. Oh no. I avoid the popular stuff like the plague. You know why? Because it tends to be absolute dreck from bands who are only in it for the money and fame, and not because they want to be different or unique. They just want to go by tried and tested methods which will guarantee success and you know what? It works for them, because nobody gives a fuck about hearing anything different. As long as it's got someone bitching about their sex life and a half-decent beat to it then they'll have it. That's all they want.

Yello aspired to be different and I could tell that by their music videos. They deserve the credit for being something fresh but do they get it? No. Most of the people at work haven't even bloody heard of them. Well, I have, and let me tell you - hearing their music only further increases my belief that music should NOT be judged on popularity. So, I look forward to visiting this forum occasionally to pay my respects to an 80's band who had a real unique take on the musical ways yet never really got big in spite of their originality. Where did the music industry go wrong?

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i_like_1981 (born 5 June 1981) was a man who knew and lived his life by the truth nobody else could face - the mainstream music of the 21st century was crap...

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